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At the specialist medical practice of Dr.. Guido De Filippo health of your legs is a fundamental good !!
Professionalism and advanced equipment are our strong point, your health and your trust are the most important thing for us.
We are committed to provide high quality health care services and level.
Whatever your vascular problem of your legs all the resources and knowledge will be put in place to step in and solve it through a careful diagnostic phase and then prescribe the most appropriate medical treatment that is a decongestivo appropriate treatment and / or surgical intervention case.
The Lymphedema is, today, a chronic and progressive disease over time, highly debilitating socially, with high operating costs and difficult therapeutic control.
Always it constitutes a vascular disease neglected, both for the patient and for the medical profession, as well as the political-managerial class that always has never shown a particular interest in this disease.
The LYMPHOEDEMA represents a clinical picture of not uncommon abutment, characterized by an abnormal and exaggerated accumulation / stagnation of the lymphatic circulation in the load of body segments and consequent swelling of the tissue and the interstitial space, with evolution progressively worsening and sometimes monstrous that inevitably affects negatively on the psychological level and on the patient's social life.
The patient with lymphedema, constantly searching for the solution of his problem, it becomes a HEALTH HOMELESS, forced to wander to different structures throughout the country and internationally as well as disease management costs that are totally against it, because, although the disease is recognized a real disability by Collegial bodies of Civil disability Doctors with compromised bits of the autonomous capabilities that even touching the 100% entitled to the accompaniment, it does not recognize in the current LEA our S.S.N. benefits both in terms of both the principals that the pharmacological and rehabilitative therapeutic practices.
So knowing how to recognize the disease, to treat it but above all to prevent it in the best way, is, today, the challenge that seeks the Study of the Dott. Guido De Filippo in order to avoid the occurrence of a real DISABILITY 'or at least, where it is already present, make acceptable the quality of life of patient

Specialist in Vascular Surgery-Lymphology - Angiology
University Master Level 2 in Lymphatic Microsurgery Clinic and Lymph
Medical Director Unique A.S.L. Caserta Unit of the Territorial Rehabilitation
Company Contact person for Diagnostics and Vascular Rehabilitation
A.S.L. Corporate office Caserta High Specialization for Diagnostics and Vascular Rehabilitation